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Your Disney , Universal and Caribbean Specialists

Meet Our Team!

Roger Litterini, Owner

Mandy Litterini , Co-Owner and Lead Agent

Kim Kennis

Jeannine Kosanovich

Lindsey Brett

Becca Werth

Melissa Wright

Renay Haton

Renee Wantland

Molly Ryan

Marcy Hines

Jenny Damiani

Molly Snatchko

Meghan Meyers

Jessica Gall

Lori Boshaw

Mandy Hucks

Lauren Hill

Dan Bal

Jessica Bal

Jennifer Bytheway

Shannon Johnson

Kristry Schwanker

Why us?

We have booked thousands of families on their MAGICAL vacations! Consider us an extra insurance policy. We work for YOU !

We have stayed at every Disney Owned and Sandals and Beaches Resorts (multiple times), so we can give you first hand recommendations to find the perfect resort for you!

We will promo watch for you after you book to ensure you have the best price.